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Engagement Info

September 22, 2013
Phil Campbell, AL

Wedding Info

July 19, 2014

Phil Campbell, AL


Phil Campbell, AL




Kennedy, AL


Kennedy, AL


College Student


Jonathan's Parents

David and Sue Ann Jones

Victoria 's Parents

Randy Hannah and the late Lynn Hannah

Jonathan Jones and Victoria Hannah

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How We Met

We have actually known each other for almost 10 years now. He is a pe/health/drivers ed teacher and he taught at my school when I was in the fifth and sixth grade. He left and moved back closer to his home town to teach as I moved to junior high school. Eight years later we ran in to each other at the Special Olympics at a school in my county and he was actually working at another school in the county this particular day he was driving the bus for them and I had we had no idea we were not that far apart from each other. We had not talked or seen each other in eight years but we hit it off talking and everyone around us said we were just glowing. About a week after the special Olympics we met to each lunch and he pulled out his wallet and said "I have something to show you and you are not going to believe this." He pulled out about five or six pictures of his nephews and one of the pictures was me in the sixth grade from a beauty walk that I had given him years ago. He never totes this wallet which is his checkbook wallet but he keeps it with him. He also has a letter that I wrote him when we were both leaving that particular elementary school and how much we would miss him. After this lunch date we just hit it off and have fell in love with each other before we realized it. He is thirty-three and has never been married. When we tell people we are getting married they tell us they cannot believe JJ is getting married. He says that he never could find the right person and has been praying for so long that he was about to give up on marriage and then I came along. He is such a sweet and loving person. We think so much alike it is crazy sometimes.

How We Got Engaged

Every fourth Sunday we eat lunch after service in our fellowship hall. He had the ring about three weeks before he proposed because he wanted to do it at our church with some of the most important people in our life. So he waited until the fourth Sunday and proposed when we were eating a piece of cake together that his mom had made especially for us. I had no clue but the ring was sitting right on the plate, I did not even see it, I was just eating. I felt everyone looking at me with cameras and I kept asking what is the deal but everyone would just laugh so I kept on eating. Eventually I finally seen the ring and he grabbed it and got down on one knee and gave his sweet spill about me and then asked me to marry him.

About the Ring

My ring is one of the love collection by Vera Wang and it is GORGEOUS!! We had looked together once and I just basically showed him the style I liked. He picked out the perfect one because I have not seen one yet that I like any better. I love it, it's perfect!

Our Relationship in Three Words


Our Shared Interests

Our most important thing that we love to do together is go to church together. We also like watch movies and spend time with family. He is a coach so we spend a lot of time on the weekend at sporting events and we enjoy every minute of it.

Our Favorite Date Night

Our favorite date night is going to eat and either going to the movies afterwards or going to sit by the lake and spend some quality time together.

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

I'm looking forward to just spending that special day with the man of my dreams and seeing him for the first time on our wedding day!