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Engagement Info

February 14, 2014
New Albany,MS

Wedding Info

October 25, 2014

Crystal Cure and Joshua Hubbard

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How We Met

We first met back in 2009 at a meeting for work. We instantly had a connection. We were together for almost a year and we split up. We were at two different points in out life. At the time I was not mature enough for a serious relationship, I didn't want to settle down. In 2013 he walked back into my life and this time I was ready for a serious relationship.

How We Got Engaged

I came home on valentines day and there was a note card taped to the door. The note read : this is your scavenger hunt. I walked in the house and josh and my son have me another note card. Had letters scrambled. I had to unscramble the words to find out what room to go to next. The first card said laundry room, I went there and searched for the next card to find out what room was next. Each card had a message at the bottom. I went all around house collecting the cards, the final card was for our bedroom. When I walked in had bear, roses, chocolate and a card said turn me over. I turned the card around and it told me to turn around and when I did he was there with the ring.

About the Ring

The ring in beautiful. It's a 3 diamond princess cut. Prettiest ring I've seen. I did not help him pick it out. He did a great job picking it out.

Our Relationship in Three Words

Friend,happiness, unconditional.

Our Shared Interests

We like to watch football. We like to play call of duty ( I completely stink at it so he lets us play against the computer on easy). We love to spend time with my son.

Our Favorite Date Night

Our favorite date would be going to eat and a movie.

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

The two things I look forward too are my dad walking me down the ale and to see Josh's look on him face when he first sees me.