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Engagement Info

June 22, 2013
Tuscaloosa, AL

Wedding Info

June 6, 2015
Family Church : Mt. Hope Freewill Baptist
Vina, AL





Grad School for Speech Pathology






ABC Bolt Company


Olivia 's Parents

Terry & Rita Wilson

Preston's Parents

Ricky & Melissa Barksdale


Olivia Wilson and Preston Barksdale

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How We Met

Our mothers were friends when they were in high school. Over the years, they sent Christmas cards and school pictures of their kids to stay connected. As much as we don't like to admit that our relationship actually started on Facebook, in December of 2010, Preston sent me a Facebook request and a message explaining how our mothers grew up together. We chatted back and forth for a while and eventually he asked me on a date. One of the BEST parts of our relationship is our first date story. First of all, he got lost on the way to my house, due to the fact that I live in a very rural area. Like most southern girls, I like a boy in a truck. Therefore, as soon as I saw his good looking truck come up the driveway,I was excited. After he had shook my Daddy's hand and we got in the truck to leave, the single worst thing for a boy on a first date happened. The truck would not start. Then and there in my front yard, his fuel pump had quit. Our first date was spent working on that good looking truck and eating a pizza. His embarrassment didn't wear off for months. He's a shy, reserved man. He's an old soul, who reminds me of the type of man my grandfathers were. I knew from the beginning he was kind, gentle, and more patient than I'll ever be. With my talkative, outgoing, and social nature, we balance each other.

How We Got Engaged

I am currently in graduate school at the University of Alabama for Speech Pathology. Preston and I had talked about getting engaged after I graduate in December and I thought we had a common understanding. To my delight, he had other plans. Grad school has had some awful and tough weeks.Preston usually visits me in Tuscaloosa on Saturdays. On a weekend after one of those awful weeks, he and my sister were planning on visiting. Lacey has always been good at deception. That day was no different. She convinced me she wanted to take pictures on the Quad of the University to give to my mother for her upcoming birthday. Due to Lacey's obsession with taking pictures, I fell for the entire hoax. Once we arrived at the Gorgas House (which I immediately fell in love with once I began school at UA), Lacey and I took some pictures. Then, it was mine and Preston's turn for a picture. He was having issues and told us he had a rock in his shoe. To my surprise, he did have a rock in his shoe...a beautiful rock! He got down on one knee and I began crying like crazy. I made sure later that he knew my crying meant, YES!!!!

About the Ring

We had looked at a few rings before we got engaged because he wanted some ideas. I had picked out simple, reasonable solitaires. I couldn't believe my eyes when he proposed. There is nothing simple about the ring and it was nothing like the ones we had looked at. It's a three stone ring with halos around each stone. He said it "felt funny" when the jeweler showed him that one, so he knew it was the one. I absolutely love it! He amazed me at how great he did!

Our Relationship in Three Words


Our Shared Interests

We are focused on having a Christ-centered relationship. We do a devotional over the phone each night and love going to church together. Whenever I can get a break from school work, we love to spend time with our families, go for long rides for no reason, plan building our future house with trips to Lowe's, hunt,and fish.

Our Favorite Date Night

We love Japanese food so we eat that a lot if we can go out. However, most of our date nights revolve around me studying and Preston helping me. Then, we settle on a Red box movie so I can take a study break!

What Part of the Wedding Are You Most Excited About?

Of course I have day dreamed about my wedding dress since I was a little girl. So, I'm super excited about that!
We are also looking forward to a special part of the ceremony. We've decided to do a foot washing to demonstrate our desire to humbly serve one another as we devote our marriage to serve the Lord. We discussed doing this even before we got engaged and we both think it will be a special moment as we join as one.